The Basic Cable Blues

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Isn’t the Discovery Channel great? In fact, it is one of the channels that I miss most since switching to my sad little limited basic cable package (which really isn’t cable at all). (Kids, this is what happens when you grow up and must repay student loans; somehow cable just takes a backseat. Get those scholarships!!!) But, I digress.

The Discovery Channel is the world at your fingertips. Thinking about making a bold career move, leaving the corporate world behind, and fishing for crab on the Bering Sea? Watch the Discovery Channel for a preview of what your life could be like. Ever wonder what life forms exist in the deepest part of the ocean? Watch the Discovery Channel and learn about angler fish. You get the idea: if you are curious about something, tune into the Discovery Channel and you are bound to find some answers.

I think the only thing better than watching the Discovery Channel would be to actually be on the Discovery Channel. You are probably wondering how this relates to disability awareness. Stay with me. I once had a mechanic tell me that I had to participate in “brag and adore.” This was basically an opportunity for him to brag about his workmanship while I adored said workmanship. I liked his style so I borrowed the catchy term and hereby implement brag-and-adore in my blog. I am going to spend a few sentences bragging about Tangram’s fabulous Discovery Program and you, the reader, will adore our ingenuity.

Remember our discussion about the Discovery Channel? Well, Tangram has its very own channel for discovery—self-discovery, that is. Through our Discovery program, the individuals we serve have the opportunity to participate in many different life-enriching activities. Discover what you like to do, then do it! That’s our philosophy. Through our Discovery program, we have had great success in bringing the interests of our clients to life in real and meaningful ways. Our clients gain experience in any areas they choose, such as music, art, employment, technology, volunteerism, etc.

The thing is, people can’t be expected to know what they like if they haven’t tried a variety of activities and had different experiences. No one walks into a store and buys a pair of jeans without trying them on. The only way that people can truly express themselves is if they know themselves first. Our Discovery Program lets participants “try on” as many interests as they choose in an effort to find out which activities suit their lifestyles and personalities best.

Tangram’s Discovery Program may not be on television, but it is certainly receiving high ratings!




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