The Art of Impact

The possibilities are endless…

Impact. A small-ish word with a big-ish meaning. Everyone (and by “everyone” I mean “everyone with money to give away”) is looking to make a BIG impact. It is a buzzword these days. Impact is knocking down all ten bowling pins instead of just one. Impact is the 1 million dollar gift that builds a brand new building. You get the idea: impact makes a tangible difference. Sometimes, I find myself thinking, “Well, I can only give $25 this month. Organization XYZ probably won’t miss my donation, especially since they just got a big donation from that foundation. What difference does my $25 make, anyway?”

As even a novice in development (such as myself) will tell you, impact can start with the smallest of actions. Think about ripples (yes, everyone uses this particular analogy, but humans just ‘get’ water metaphors). A single drop of rain hits a pond and the water immediately reacts in a series of small concentric waves. The ripples grow, one after the next, and are soon spread out over the whole pond. If a single drop of rain can affect an entire pond, imagine what a single person can do for an organization, a community, the world! In short, the possibilities are endless, even (or perhaps, especially) for those $25 gifts. It isn’t the amount (though it is nice to receive the occasional $1 million gift) because every dollar counts.

Try not to dwell on size next time you donate. Your $25 gift will have an immediate impact in the lives of the people we serve. And making a positive change in one person’s life is the best kind of impact you can have.



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