Bears and apples create lessons that stick

Everyone makes beautiful music…

I judge books by their covers. Literally. I can’t help myself. I fall victim to marketing ploys and eye-catching, creative artwork all the time. I buy Cottonelle because of the puppy.

I try my best not to judge people by their “covers.” Let’s face it—nobody is perfect and I am no exception. Whenever I find myself succumbing to judgmental tendencies, I find it helpful to recall a particularly effective Berenstain Bears lesson wherein Mama Bear demonstrates the importance of not judging people by their outward appearance. She shows Sister Bear two apples: one, which is shiny and perfectly red, and the other, which is misshapen and dull. Then, Mama Bear cuts the apples open and shows them to Sister Bear. The seemingly perfect apple is rotten and riddled with worms on the inside. The lumpy and dull apple is a lovely white color inside without any worms, bad spots, or blemishes. The lesson is obvious: outward physical appearance does not automatically indicate what a person is like on the inside.

There are three videos I would like to include in today’s blog, two borrowed from popular culture (how else will I get you to watch them?), and the third borrowed from the Tanrgam website. The first is Susan Boyles audition on Britain’s Got Talent. Pay particular attention to Simon Cowell’s face as he realizes that his original assessment of Susan Boyle (based on her appearance) is incorrect. It is the best part of the video, in my opinion.

The second video is of 23 year-old Liu Wei, winner of China’s Got Talent. Liu Wei plays the piano beautifully—with his feet. After losing his arms at the age of 10, he learned to play the piano with his feet. He then won a popular television talent competition and inspired viewers all around the world.

The third will give you food for thought (and some very poignant music to listen to).

I hope you enjoy the videos. They are a reminder that everyone makes beautiful music…



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