The Art of Giving

Imperfect is perfect…

I detect a fair amount of stress in the atmosphere today. This is probably par for the course, considering the time of year. Isn’t it ironic that this time of year, which is supposed to be filled with warmth, hope, and goodwill, is the most stressful time of the year?

I find that the cause of most of this stress is money-related. We have all heard that the economy is bad and felt the effects. Because of the state of the economy, we are feeling more pressure from churches, schools, and charities to give.

This blog has largely been about giving. If you have been reading each day, you surely have found that there is more than one way to give. You can give your time as a volunteer. You can give your voice as an advocate. You can give money or in-kind contributions as a donor. You can build awareness by speaking about Tangram and, more importantly, those we serve.

The possibilities for giving are wide-ranging and each kind of giving has its own value. Whenever you think about giving, choose the type of giving that best suits you. If your mode of giving makes you happy, the impact will be greater for those who receive your gifts.

Give what you can. There is an art to giving, and as such, it should be thought of as an opportunity, not an obligation or a burden.

Stressing about giving the perfect gift, makes for hurried and thoughtless giving. In the wrong frame of mind, even perfect gifts seem imperfect. In the right frame of mind, imperfect gifts become perfect.

My wish for those of you who give is that you worry less about the gift and focus more on the perfect way to give. 



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