The hidden powers of hot chocolate

Building community…

I have a younger sister, and therefore, am no stranger to sibling rivalry and a kind of one-upmanship that would make certain reality show families cringe. So, when Emily approached me about fundraising for Tangram, the thought crossed my mind that she had taken her overachieving tendencies to a new level and was trying to do MY job better than I could do it. Okay, that may be a slight overreaction, but 20 years of solid sibling competition will make you believe some crazy things.

Her idea was to speak to the officers of the Purdue Chapter of Sigma Alpha Lambda and ask them if they would like to donate the proceeds of their hot chocolate and candy cane sales to Tangram as part of our big online campaign. They enthusiastically agreed.

Fast forward a little bit and there I was, pitching the idea to my boss, who totally loved it (score one for Emily). Fast forward yet again, and here we are, on the 9th day of December of 2010. Due to weather concerns, our fundraiser was cancelled, but I still wanted to give a shout out to the young men and women of Sigma Alpha Lambda.

The best part about making a connection with the West Lafayette community is that we are building and reinforcing a greater community. When the community is strong, everyone benefits. Who knew that hot chocolate could be such a powerful agent of social change?

I would like to send a sincere thank-you out to the students involved in Sigma Alpha Lambda who generously agreed to partner with Tangram and give us a hand with our 25 Days of Tangram Campaign. Your acts of service are great examples of how to build and strengthen community.



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