Throwing down the gauntlet

The sky is the limit…

A challenge:

As we begin the final week of 25 Days of Tangram, I offer a challenge. This is me throwing down the gauntlet. (A bit of trivia for those who enjoy nuggets of knowledge: a gauntlet is the armored glove of a knight, which was customarily thrown down to signify a challenge in medieval times. You’re welcome.)

Anyway, back to the challenge. I challenge each of you to share information about the 25 Days of Tangram with 3 people. Encourage each of those people to give $5 to the 25 Days and ask them each to spread the word to 3 people.

See where I’m going with this? This is a manageable, bite-sized challenge, and I am confident that, with a little effort, we can achieve our goal. I will take 5 minutes this afternoon to spread the word to 3 new people. And I will make your job easier, by providing you with all the necessary links and information (see below).

Together, I know we can prove that the sky is the limit! Good luck!          

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