There’s no place like home

I mentally checked out last week. It is hard to stay focused and motivated when I know that in a few short days I will be home for the holidays.

Fewer and fewer people may be living and working close to their “homes,” but the volume of holiday travel indicates that family remains important, especially during the holidays.

Being surrounded by people you know and love is such a good feeling. As Gary Portnoy sang, “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.” However, we all know from experience that getting there is the issue. For those who will travel by automobile, there is the chance of inclement weather. For those who travel by air, there are lines to contend with and regulations galore, not to mention overbooked flights, delayed flights, cancelled flights. There are options to travel by rail, but in a day and age in which faster is better, that option is quickly falling by the wayside.

We have all experienced travel woes at holiday time. But what if there wasn’t even an option for you to go home for the holidays? What if the cost prevented you from going home and being with the ones you love, those who know you best, and can make you laugh?

This situation is a reality for many of the people we serve. The cost of transportation is great and Tangram does not get reimbursed for the full cost or for all the trips. Our fleet of 12 vans requires regular maintenance so that we can continue to provide transportation to those who wish to be with their families for the holidays or at other times during the year.

When you donate to Tangram, you allow us to connect our clients with their families during this special time of year. Everyone should be allowed to go home for the holidays. After all, there’s no place like it.



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  1. anonymous

    Lack of transportation options for people with developmental disabilities has a huge impact on quality of life year-round. People with disabilities face steep challenges finding community employment, and one of the top barriers is transportation, particularly in Indianapolis, a city not known for its stellar mass transit system.

    The only way to afford to travel a significant distance for the holidays is to work and save, but if you can’t get to work you’re out of luck! Lack of reliable and affordable transportation closes so many doors. It’s just another one of those things that so many people take for granted.