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Accessible web design

***March is Disability Awareness Month. If you were unaware and find yourself unprepared on this fine first day of March, I have an easy way for you to raise awareness and take simple steps toward a more accessible world. Read on…

This year has been a big year for Tangram, especially where technology is concerned. We recently upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010, moved our e-mail to “the cloud,” got a new video, and you may have noticed that our website has a new look.

Last week, as Carol (Tangram’s IT Director) and I met with a web designer for a lesson in content management, I learned a little bit about making a website accessible. Our web designer was giving us practice in placing pictures on the website, when she explained that there are certain fields that must be filled for search engine optimization. These fields are something I, a novice in web content management, typically skipped over because, before last week, I didn’t know what they meant or why they were important. The only thing that mattered to me was uploading a picture and making sure it looked snappy on a page.

Of course, after my lesson, I understood why these fields (like Image Description and Image Title) are important. You see, these fields not only are key components to search engine optimization, but they also allow for a web site to be accessible. For someone using a screen reader, they give a good description of what the photo is. This ensures that everyone is able to understand the content on a webpage. Pretty cool!

If you, like me, skipped over these fields because you didn’t understand their function, I encourage you to go back and fill them in. The more people who can access your web content, the better. This small step will mean more traffic for you and more information about your business for others.  

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